Triangle Baby Quilt – Complete!

The majority of this quilt was pieced using the Leaders and Enders method by Bonnie Hunter. Mom showed me this technique and how easy it is to make a second quilt while working on another. There was a priority to make both baby quilts, at the same time, since baby due dates are only weeks apart. Leaders and Enders seemed like the best option for me, at least while I worked on the Birdie Baby Quilt. As soon as that quilt was complete, I switched over to finish up the Triangles Baby Quilt.

triangle quilt top angled 2After cutting my triangles with an equilateral triangle template, see my original post here, I had laid out the triangles in the array I wanted to see in the final quilt. I stacked the triangles by rows, then pieced them – two triangles at a time – using the Leaders and Enders method. My pressed pairs were then re-stacked in the same order by rows. triangle quilt back angled

I was also eager to include my Michael Miller Backyard Baby stash fabric into this quilt, so I decided to add on borders. I had the PERFECT amount of Windy Day in aqua to create a top and bottom border, then added on matching green and orange borders to bring it all together. For the back, I used Bug Jars in green, which I had plenty of —  “End of Bolt” freebie! I had just enough to cover the entire back. The quilt finished 40″ x 50″.

For the quilting, I went with a radiating “V” from all angles, only within the triangle portion, all pointing to the center. I was guided with the seams and the triangle shapes so I did not need any marking or taping to create this effect. I quilted loops within the orange border and swirls within the green border. For the top and bottom border, I quilted along the tree lines. The label was fun! I tried the corner label, created by folding a square in half on the diagonal and catching the raw edge in the binding. I then secured the folded edge of the label with a blind stitch to the back of the quilt.

I really love the eclectic feel of this quilt…and let’s face it, this baby is getting such an awesome quilt! Best of all worlds when you get a scrappy quilt — Michael Miller, Dear Stella, Moda Fabrics, Free Spirit Fabrics, Birch Fabrics, Maywood Studio, and more!

Congratulations Tara! I hope you and baby enjoy this quilt ❤

Pattern: Trios Lap Quilt by Jeni Baker from the first issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting

triangles 2quiltingtriangle quilt cornertriangle quilt 3back and labelgifting


9 thoughts on “Triangle Baby Quilt – Complete!

    • Thank you! I was worried about matching those triangle seams. Some are off but the majority matched up nicely. Out of habit I pressed my seams to the side, but with triangles, I highly recommend following the directions and pressing seams open! Lesson learned 😉


    • Hurray, thank you!! First time working with them… I will say that the seam bulk-age gave me some problems at the sewing machine; I had to loosen the tension a bit. While the triangles were a lot of work, I found that I really enjoyed the look and will probably make more triangle quilts in the future 😀


    • It was really quick and easy to make! The one I made for this quilt was a 5″ square before I folded and think I’ll definitely go bigger on the next one.


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