All Day, Quilt Day

Well, we missed National Quilting Day, but we had fun sewing all day Sunday!

My friend Becky and I got together for a gal-pal sewing day and I was able to teach her sewing skills as she is making her first quilt ever! She just bought herself a Janome and literally opened the box on Sunday 😀 We then headed to Jo-Ann’s for a couple of needed supplies such as pins, scissors, and thread. She couldn’t find a pincushion she liked so I brought out my scrap fabric and she selected two squares for a homemade pincushion. This was a great DIY project to get her started and to get a feel of the machine. The pincushion is simple and adorable: two squares sewn right sides together, turned out and fluffed with fiberfill, then hand sewn closed.

Becky's Sewing Station
Becky’s Sewing Station

While I worked on my Triangle Baby Quilt, Becky got started on her Bourbon Street Bricks Quilt by Jean Ann Wright. She’s using a jelly roll called Poem from Pebbles by Malka Dubrawsky for Moda Fabrics. These fabrics are so much fun! Arrays of orange, blue, yellow, green, and grey. While I can’t show you my Triangle quilt just yet, enjoy these snapshots of Becky’s progress:

Strips ironed and ready to be sewn

Strips sewn together in sets:

Strip Sets Strip Sets

more blocks
Cut blocks, great job Becky!
The Pattern 😀

Hope you all had a wonderful National Quilting Day…or weekend 😉


5 thoughts on “All Day, Quilt Day

    • We really did and time flew by! We sewed from 12 to 7 with a pizza break in between, lol. We watched 3 movies too…well listened to 3 movies 😉 We have an orange border ready, but still need the backing and binding.


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