TBT – Shoo-Fly

Happy Thursday!

The 16-Patch block I posted two weeks ago was the last block using strips and we are now moving on to the next level. I really like these tutorials with Penny Rose Fabrics because they are great for beginners or for those who need reminders or practice. With every tutorial, you are increasing your skill set. We went from 1 corner seam match-up with the Rail Fence block to 9 corner seam-match ups with the 16-Patch. Now we are working with Half Square Triangles! I was nervously anticipating this as I’ve never done them before. All of my quilts that I’ve made so far work with strips, squares, rectangles, and just recently equilateral triangles via a template.

For the Shoo-Fly tutorial, I selected an adorable blue and white elephant print from Moda Fabric’s 30’s Playtime by Chloe’s Closet. For the pink fabric, I had reproduction print scraps that my mom collected from her last retreat. Luckily I had these to complete my block! For the half square triangles, I followed the tutorial and drew a line down the middle on the diagonal using my frixion pen. I then utilized my 1/4″ foot and placed the guided edge on the pen mark and sewed the line a 1/4″ away on either side. I was too scared to cut down the diagonal…what if it wasn’t sewn right!? Brought up the courage to do it, pressed, and trimmed the sides…they came out just fine 🙂

Here’s my Shoo-Fly Block, thanks for stopping by!

hstShoo-Fly BlockShoo-Fly Block zoomed in

4 thoughts on “TBT – Shoo-Fly

    • Thank you! Yes, from my original fabrics I couldn’t find a good contrast for the elephants. Luckily I had those pink squares 😀


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