Dwarf Tickseed – March 2015

I planted this Dwarf Tickseed, Coreopsis auriculata ‘Nana’, last summer and never had a chance to see any blooms. Planting in the middle of our Texas heat was also not a great idea as it struggled to stay upright. It thinned out throughout the remaining seasons, but am happy to see it ready for spring!

Dwarf Tickseed in SpringThis little perennial is planted in partial sun, just outside our entryway where it has some covered porch to allow morning sun and afternoon shade, but full sun is also an option. It has plenty of space and hope this compact ground-cover fills in the spot nicely.

The Dwarf Tickseed averages 8″ in height with a 2 ft. spread and blooms in the spring with yellow flowers. This southern U.S. native plant makes it an excellent choice for water wise landscaping.

Stay tuned for a blooming update!


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