Silver Queen Artemesia – March 2015

Look! Little sprouts…all over the bed!

Artemisia sproutsLast year when I planted this little plant, it grew fast and tall…and floppy. After much research I discovered it’s beneficial for a summer trim to reduce the floppiness. By the time Fall hit, this plant looked pretty pitiful! It’s fuzzy foliage was peeling away and loosing leaves, I went ahead and pruned it to the ground late December, hoping it would come through this Spring. Then the other day when we were grilling I noticed a sprout, a few sprouts, that were 2ft+ away from the original planting. It’s spreading from underneath the soil and sprouting in all kinds of places. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! My coneflower has new growth, but it appears the Artemisia has spread right in front of the coneflower. I suppose I can just keep the Artemisia pruned here and hope the Coneflower gets tall this year.

Artemisia and Coneflower

Artemisia sprouts

For those unfamiliar with this plant. Artemisia, also know as wormwood or mugwort, is a silver perennial with fuzzy foliage and perfect for water-wise gardens. It can grow up to 2ft in height and spread up to 4ft, with a lifespan of 10 years. Grow Artemisia in full sunlight and well draining soil, zones 5a – 10b.

My Artemisia in 2014
My Artemisia in 2014

I look forward to planting more varieties of Artemisia in my garden this year 🙂


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