My Fish Tank…and the countless Mollies!

Aquarium hobby is another passion of mine that started around 5 years ago with a Betta fish.

My fist Betta and a vase…ugh, how could I keep my little guy in a vase!? Every time I get into a hobby, I’m a forum/research fanatic. I soon learned that Betta’s need warmer temperatures and filtered water for a healthier and happy life. His home was upgraded to a filtered and heated 4 gallon and he lived a full year with swim bladder disease before passing away. I tried my best to give him the best possible fishy life ever by creating floating, plastic mesh-canvas tubes, for him to rest in and stay near the surface. His name was Agro and he’ll be forever remembered ❤

I then upgraded to a 10 gallon Betta tank… then finally a 30 gallon freshwater community tank! In our last apartment I had 5 beautiful Rainbow fish that I raised from fry. They had hitchhiked as eggs on freshwater plants I had purchased and while cycling the 30 gallon tank I noticed baby fish in my tank! I had no clue what they were until they were old enough to be identified on a fish forum. We ended up selling them to a local aquarium shop right before the big move to our house, but I had them for a good 2-3 years.

Since setting up the 30g tank in the house, I now have 4 Panda Cory Catfish, 4 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, and too many Mollies to count! Let’s just say I only bought 5 Mollies and they have multiplied left and right! I eventually gave the 1 male, who was causing all this trouble, to a friend along with the other adults since I had plenty of babies in my tank. Almost 1 year later and it’s happening all over again… I spotted 10 new babies in the tank earlier this week.

Molly Fish Fry
Molly Fry
Molly Fry
Molly Fry

For the longest time I thought all the new offspring were girls, but then someone told me the sex can be suppressed for up to 1 year! … and now I definitely have 3 males. While the fish fry are as cute as a button, my tank can’t handle that kind of stocking. I even had to add on another filter, just to keep up. I’ll definitely have to sell, or donate, a big portion of these mollies to the aquarium store soon. The aquascaping in my tank consists of Java Fern, Melon Sword, Crinum “onion” Plant, Dwarf Lily, and Java Moss. I had Water Sprite, but it grew like crazy so I removed it. I still need a good background plant.

Panda Cory Catfish
Panda Cory Catfish

30g Fish Tank


4 thoughts on “My Fish Tank…and the countless Mollies!

    • Haha, don’t you love fishy hitchhikers! It’s happened many times to me. In fact, once I had a very cute, itty bitty, Emerald Eye Rasbora sneak in and I felt so bad that he was lonely in the big tank. So I went back to the shop and purchased 5 more 😉 I think most fry look guppy-ish…will be exciting to find out what he grows into. Keep me updated!


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