Patio Seat Cushions – Complete!

I finally finished sewing up the cushion openings and they are ready for the patio! While they are not perfectly shaped to the seats, I think they’re good enough and a nice touch to our outdoor space.

Patio CushionsHere’s a list of the supplies I used to create these:

Cardboard to create the template

2 yards Outdoor fabric – top/bottom for 4 cushions

1/2″ Wide Twill Tape – Sold in a 12 yard roll

4 Chair Pad Foams – 1″ Thick

Originally I was hoping to buy foam by the yard, but couldn’t find any at Joann’s. In the end, these pre-cut foam pads were close enough to the sizes needed with no adjusting 🙂 I really love that I can use multiple coupons at Joann’s, we only paid $6.95 per cushion! Home Decor fabric was already 60% off and everything else I used my 50% off coupons on. The cashier even said, “Wow, we paid you to shop!”

As mentioned in my original post, I just put right sides together from two fabric cut-outs and sewed around the cushion, catching the folded ties and leaving an opening for the foam pads to fit in. There’s many tutorials out there on boxed cushions, which look great, but I had no success. I’ll try again in the future as I better my sewing skills.

Perfect timing on finishing up, we’re in the mid 70s this Sunday — Time to grill!

Thanks for stopping by!


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