Simple Catnip Toy Tutorial

For anyone with kits in the home, here’s a very simple DIY catnip toy that you can sew in a jiffy! I have charm pack scraps that were given at a quilt convention and thought this fishing fly print was on point for a cat toy. While there are many other tutorials on my pinterest board that I want to follow for fish-shaped and mouse-shaped toys, I figured a simple catnip cushion would be perfect to use up the charms.


2 – 5″ squares

Polyester Fiberfill

Dried Catnip

fabric charmsWhat I did first, was grab some fiberfill and stuff it in a zip-lock baggie with catnip. Crush and rub the catnip into the fiberfill, releasing the catnip oils and aromas. *Neko’s whiskers were in full awareness at this point! Store it someplace where kitty can’t get it, unlike me, table top is NOT a safe zone! I found the zip-lock punctured on the floor the next morning… Both my cats are obsessed with catnip!

Catnip and FiberfillNow you can sew the cushion toy by placing your charm squares right sides together. Sew around the square with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Back-stitch the beginning and end to secure, leaving a small hole for you to turn right side out. Clip your corners before turning right side out, then use a chopstick or other pointy device to push your corners out when turning. Press so the cushion seams are flat, then start stuffing! (be cautious of alert felines nearby!)

sewn and clipped                Stuffed toy   Stuffed Toy

Once your stuffing is complete, hand stitch the opening closed with a ladder stitch or preferred method. Now you’re all done and catnip toy is ready for kitty pouncing, licking, and biting!

Ladder stitch closing              Inspecting catnip toy   Playing with Catnip toy

Neko didn’t really want to share this with Petey…I’ll have to make him another one 🙂


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