Patio Seat Cushions

We really enjoy sitting on our porch, whether we’re grilling, bird watching, or drinking coffee in the morning. Our hand-me-down patio set could use a little pick me up, so I decided to make simple tie-cushions. We’ve even grilled during the winter season and those metal seats can be awfully cold to sit on!

I attempted sewing box cushions with 1″ sides, but the seam ripper came out 1 too many times and I gave up, lol. I couldn’t get a clean corner seam, the fabric would overlap and bunch. So, I made them like pillows, right sides together, sewn around and left a huge gap to insert foam pads. I used beige 1/2″ wide twill tape as the ties. I cut them into 15″ strips, 2 per cushion, folded them in half and caught them in the seam while sewing around the cushion. They’re all sewn up now, all they need is closing, which I’ll use a ladder stitch to complete them.

Outdoor Patio CushionsCushion corner ties  Binding clips on CushionI think Petey approves… I worry all the outdoor cats may also approve…

IMG_3366PeteyI guess I’ll clip another cushion to work on 😉

Stay tuned for the final look on patio seats!


4 thoughts on “Patio Seat Cushions

    • Thank you so much!
      uh-oh, yes even now since it’s winter the cats lay on the mat right outside the sliding door. My cat Petey is really loving the cushions…I’m sewing one closed now and he’s ready for a replacement to lay on!


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