Cutting Triangles

For a few days now, I’ve been cutting equilateral triangles for a baby quilt using a template, each side measuring 4″. My plan is to work on this quilt as a leaders and enders project, piecing as I go during other projects. I’m way ahead of the game as baby isn’t due until the summer ❤

Here’s just a little sneak peak…I probably won’t post about this quilt again until mom receives the gift. I have family followers who I want to be surprised by the final look!

IMG_3359IMG_3361My husband’s cousin is expecting her first. This will be the first boy in the family since my husband! My mother-in-law had a boy and girl, her two sisters had all girls (5 total), and my sister-in-law has two girls. That’s 11 girls in this close knit of sisters, cousins, and daughters!!! I thought to myself, “I’m not going to have any “boy” fabric to make this quilt!” — but no worries, I can always shop for more 😉 Luckily my tastes in fabrics are neutral and colors not so girly, so I have plenty to get me started!

Stay tuned for the final quilt!

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