Rail Fence Cushion – Complete!

Sewing machine is back and I didn’t waste any time to continue my projects! Purchased the rest of the needed muslin fabric, an invisible zipper, and a 20″ pillow pad yesterday. This morning I finished quilting the cushion top, squared it, then used my overcast foot to finish the raw edges along the cushion front. Then I paired my back fabric with the muslin and joined them together with the overcast foot as well. Next, the zipper! I needed an 18″ invisible zipper, which could not be found, so I purchased a 20″ zipper and followed the steps from the Sewing: 101 Shortening a Zipper video I found online.

Zipper side
Zipper side

To attach the zipper, I mostly looked at the pictures in the magazine as I followed Holly DeGroot’s tutorial, not really understanding how attaching the zipper worked. Luckily everything went smoothly… I only had to use my seam ripper once :p As soon as the zipper was attached, I sewed around the open edges with a 3/8″ seam allowance, clipped my corners, and turned right side out. Gave it a little iron then inserted my pillow pad. I feel so accomplished and happy that I was able to complete the cushion and sew a zipper for the first time with no issues!

Neko for size comparison 🙂

I’m not sure whether I like it on the bench or on the settee?


Cushion back – I used Persimmon Roasted Marshmallows – Apple Crisp Natural by Moda


Next, I’ll start sewing my Coneflower Quilt!


5 thoughts on “Rail Fence Cushion – Complete!

    • Thanks so much! Mom bought me this Moda FQ bundle and I’ve been eager to use some of it! I still have plenty of fabric from each FQ, not sure where to use it next 🙂


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