My Little Pony Quilt

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start the new year post with my my only remaining 2014 creation, a final, but oh-so-cute Christmas gift.

Here’s where I decided to reuse The Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial by Knitty Bitties found on Thirty Handmade Days. My four year old niece loves My Little Pony and has a huge collection of the little figurines. When I spotted this fabric online I knew it would be perfect for a quilt!IMG_2918

Since there is only 1 cotton and 1 fleece print, I decided the straight line quilt would be the best option. 1, I could show large, uncut, portions of the cotton print and 2, buy coordinating solids for the rest of the front. The fleece print I decided to be the main part of the back since it’s large and bold, plus warm and cozy too! I utilized my polka dot stash fabric to complete the back and binding.IMG_2928

I found accent solids in plum, purple, pink, and green. The green and purple, you’ll notice appear darker in the middle, then lighten out to the ends. When I purchased these, of course they were folded in half on the bolt and I liked that it had this quality, but not really realizing the dark started in the middle of the fabric. I also went off memory when looking for the solids…while it doesn’t match the print exactly, I think the tonal qualities make it work. The polka-dot binding helped lighten the over-all tone of this quilt, which had me worried at first.

The stars on the cotton print inspired me to add free-motion quilting stars around the ponies — and what’s even better — they glow in the dark! How fun is that!? I used Superior Thread’s NiteLite ExtraGlow thread in pastel purple. The rest was straight line quilted with regular polyester thread on either side of the strip seams.IMG_2925My niece received this for her Christmas present, along with her matching whale plushie ❤ Her little sister, who’s still crawling, sprawled out and wiggled on the cozy fleece side. I think they will both enjoy this quilt for years to come.


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