Cloth Napkins


These were Christmas gift ideas and so happy I found an easy to follow pattern! Check out this Cloth Napkins – How To tutorial by She suggests purchasing coordinating fat quarters and trimming them down to 18″ square. Made a trip to my local Jo-Ann store, coupons in hand, and looked at my options.

Fat Quarters were $1.50-1.99 each, while some yardage could be found as low as $5.99! With my 50% off coupons I was able to snag 3 yards at $2.50 each! Cutting out my own squares saved me 0.50 cents per set. LOL…every little bit counts, right?


1 Yard of fabric will allow for four 18″ squares that you can turn into napkins. Sets of 4, 6, or 8 would be perfect options depending on the family you’re creating for … or the amount of fabric you have. I also bought 3 yards of muslin for the napkin backs, which was a money saver and gave the napkins a more uniform look.

 Completed napkins

Used the strips of fabric left over from squaring up fabric to hold the bundle set together. I’m very happy how these cloth napkin gift sets came together 🙂


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