Coneflower Quilt

Now I know my quilt names aren’t that clever…but it’s what I will literally call them at home, haha…

The inspiration for this quilt came from Echinacea in Preppy by Anna Maria Horner for Free Spirit. I’m in awe of the coneflower prints, in all colors, when I see this collection. At the recent Houston International Quilt Show, mom spotted the Echinacea in Preppy and I grabbed on to it! I immediately started looking for other matching fabrics since this green and yellow print can be intimidating to match by memory later on.

Here’s the combination of fabrics I found:


Below the coneflower is Twig in Citrus by Martha Negley for Rowan Fabric; to the far left is Fishscale in Taupe by Dear Stella; to the far right is Voltage Dot by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit

I then decided on this free Quilt Bars Quilt Pattern from Camelot Fabrics for the layout. I liked how the pattern focused on two main colors, mint and grey, which I translated to green/yellow and black for my fabrics. We took a trip to a few fabric shops just recently on Shop Small Business Saturday and I found exactly what I was looking for to get this quilt going!

For my array of greens from darkest to lightest, I added Basic Shades in Vintage Green by Riley Blake Designs and Soho Chic Floral Fan by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics.


For the arrays in black I added Ghastlie Bramble by Alexander Henry Fabrics.


Finally, for the outer border I added Shelburne Calico Garden by Windham Fabrics, which I snagged on clearance for $5/yard! Here it is paired with Ghastlie Bramble as the inner border.


Super excited about this project and can’t wait to get started!


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