Rail Fence Cushion

Now that I’ve shared all my past creations, it’s time for work in progress posts! Rail Fence Cushion by Holly DeGroot can be found in the first issue of the Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I received the first issue free at the Houston Quilt Show last year and really enjoyed the emphasis on modern quilting and modern fabrics. With this pattern, I will be sewing on a zipper for the first time too 🙂

For this pattern, the designer suggests 4 fabrics from 1 color, in a range of values. My selection follows this slightly, but think it will work well for this pattern. I had 4 green range fabrics from Erin Michael’s Lush and Up-Town for Moda Fabrics in my stash that I’ve been eager to use!

Here’s the order I’m satisfied with. The Painter’s Palette in Sky will be the center fabric where the blocks will be sewn together.


Fabric cut and cushion back selected:



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